Core Offering

Kayenta’s mission is to bring transparency through technology so that you can control your financing costs and relationships with minimal effort.

Our treasury management system provides the analytical toolset to understand what you are paying, why you are paying it, and who you are paying it to.

With aggregated and normalized data presented through a visually appealing and flexible user interface, it’s easy to compare costs and allocations.

Summary pages offer key relationship metrics and intuitive drill down functionality delivers the details behind the calculations.

An independent accrual engine enables attribution of portfolio charges to individual positions, enabling accurate performance metrics to be calculated at any level.

With all your data in one place and flexibility in how you view it, Kayenta’s Treasury Management System provides clarity and reliability for the whole team.


Seeing the data is the first hurdle, knowing what to do with it is the next.

  • Do you know where your most expensive financing costs are, and if there are cheaper alternatives?
  • Can you see where rates and collateral requirements have changed, and what the impact has been?
  • Are you efficiently utilizing your cash, or incurring unnecessary costs?

Leveraging the team’s personal experiences, Kayenta’s technology will not only show you where to focus but also the optimal actions to take. With reliable data and simple instructions, optimizing your portfolio need not take hours of your time.

Whether you want to save money, reduce counterparty exposure, increase liquidity, or improve your prime broker’s return metrics, Kayenta’s treasury management system will help you act with minimum effort.

Financing Wallet

Tracking what you pay your counterparts is easy, but understanding how profitable you are for them and what part of your business they most value is hard.

  • Do you know which of your relationships benefit most from your business, and how that has trended over time?
  • Are you directing your balances to where they are most valued?
  • Can you see what actions will improve your prime broker’s return metrics?

Kayenta’ treasury management system won’t ever replicate the profit calculations of your prime brokers, but our technology will give you an educated and explicit understanding of the potential for monetisation and the likely value each party is extracting. 

Remove your reliance on backward looking quarterly reviews with Kayenta’s treasury management system updating every day, with calculations from your balances, fee schedules, and counterparty feedback. 

Stock Loan benchmarking

The stock loan market is opaque, but with an estimated > $2trillion of securities on loan and >30million trades a year there is a wealth of value to be extracted.

  • Are your stock loan fees in-line with market rates?
  • Do you see changes in lending activity on your universe of securities before it is too late?
  • Can you monitor regulatory short disclosures, see aggregated data for sector and geographic trends, or search for securities with the highest utilization or most new borrows?

Kayenta has partnered with an industry leading securities lending data provider to overlay market data on your portfolio. With information collected daily on >45,000 global securities from >140 market participants and with 10yrs of historical data, we'll provide transparency to the securities lending market with insights relevant to your positions.

Research securities lending availability and activity to enhance your investment process, and let Kayenta's treasury management system highlight the changes, outliers, and cost savings that affect your portfolio.

Billing Compare

Financing payments are likely to be the largest cost your hedge fund strategy incurs, but who is monitoring the details and accuracy of the calculations behind them?

  • Are your bills calculated on the right notional, with the spread and benchmark rate you agreed to? 
  • Do you know how charges are applied against your positions, and the nuances of your different financing arrangements?
  • Can you see the incremental charges, like over-collateral requirements, skew add-ons, and minimum prices?

Kayenta’s proprietary accrual engine, combined with our in-depth knowledge of different calculation methodologies, enables us to independently verify the accuracy of your financing bills at a granular level.

Let Kayenta’s treasury management system give you the confidence that you are paying only what you should, and prevent small discrepancies turning into big problems.

Outsourced Trading

Kayenta’s treasury management system provides the toolset for the efficient financing of a portfolio, but human oversight and decision making are still needed.

For those without the capacity, or wanting the oversight of experienced individuals, we have partnered with a leading global outsourced trading company to provide the full-service solution.


We know you are busy and won’t want to dedicate resources for another system implementation, so we take care of it.

All we ask is that you introduce us to your data providers with the authority to access the reports that they already offer, and that you confirm the account structure of your relationships.

We will work with your counterparts to get the information we need, verify its accuracy, and within a few months you will have access to your data in our user interface.

We request the reports
We integrate your data
We deliver the output
Let us do the work

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